2019 / 2020
    graphic design - branding & packaging.
    Snowies Bingsu @ 169 Dundas Street West, Mississauga, ON.​​​​​​​
    graphic design

Custom cup sleeve design and event poster for a K-pop Fan Event hosted at a dessert shop located in Mississauga, Ontario.
Client requested for K-pop band's image and business logo to be on design, with full creative freedom given to designer otherwise. The following project was primarily created with Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Photoshop.
SHOWN ABOVE: Animation (done on Adobe After Effects) of client's logo.
Shown above is an event poster for Snowies Bingsu, additional graphics provided to the client included images sized for the business' Instagram profile and Instagram Story.
Shown above is a custom cup sleeve design with regards to the business' branding and respects to the K-pop band's fan base.
Mock designs were provided to the client, done on Adobe Photoshop, while final design was completed on Adobe Illustrator. Fonts were provided with use of Adobe Capture and Adobe Font.
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